January 12, 2013

Kitchen Staples: Ingredients

Happy weekend everyone! I hope everyone is getting a well deserved break from work!
Although I'm not working I am busy getting a presentation together and starting a case report that I need to get done... the work just never ends!

But on to a more exciting topic... food!

Here is another of my Kitchen Staples posts, but this time I am focussing on some of the ingredients that I couldn't live without!

1. Almond Flour

I use this stuff a lot! For baking, thickening, holding other ingredients together... I go through a lot of it! I get mine from Digestive Wellness and even though the shipping to Canada is expensive it is still MUCH cheaper than trying to buy almond flour locally (the price differences between Canada and the US drive me crazy sometimes!)

2. Coconut Oil

This is a staple on the paleo diet and it is an ingredient I have come to love. This can be used in baking or for frying. It is also great as a moisturizer (sounds weird but just try it!). I don't have a favorite brand of this yet, I usually just try to buy what's on sale at my local organic grocery store.

3. Mustard

Yes I know this may not sound like a special ingredient, but I do go through a lot of mustard! I use this to top burgers, fish and chicken on a regular basis. I often combine it with a little honey for a very simple, yet tasty honey mustard sauce. It also ends up in a lot of the recipes I make to add flavour. My favorite is Digon but I also like most grainy mustards. Yum. Again I don't have a particular favorite brand of mustard, but I always use organic to ensure that it hasn't been contaminated with corn as a natural flavour (this is outlined in the SCD book "Breaking the Viscous Cycle")

4. Honey

I LOVE HONEY. I go through bottles and bottles of this stuff. I usually get mine from Costco in large quantities. This is the only sweetener allowed on the SCD diet and I have yet to try any other sweeteners at this point. So this goes in everything! Baking, sauces, glazes, drinks... I can't think of many things that don't taste better with a little honey. I use pasteurized honey (unfortunately you can't get honey that is both pasteurized and organic so I prefer pasteurized myself).

5. Simply Organic Spices

Did you know that many pre-mixed spices are cut with starch when they are mixed? Well I had no idea until I started the SCD diet. Since then I have only used Simply Organic Spices which are known to be SCD friendly and not cut with any additives. Cooking without spices just isn't the same and the flavour of these spices is amazing. I have to order most of mine from the US (I use this website) but the extra cost is worth it if you ask me! I get the most use of the ground mustard, rosemary, cinnamon, and italian.

Ok well I think that is enough sharing for one day! What are the ingredients that you can't live without in your kitchen? I always love to hear what other people use... inspiration can come from anywhere!

Well enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone! Stay warm!

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