January 01, 2013

Kitchen Staples: Tools

I am planning on writing a series of Kitchen Staples posts that focus on various topics. I am starting with the tools that I use on a regular basis and have made my life much much easier!

For anyone starting out on this kind of diet there are many aspects that seem extremely daunting at first... making your own yogurt, baking with nut flours (nuts can be used as flour?!), using various coconut products, using new fats... the list goes on but these were some of my initial fears. Over time I have totally changed the way I work in the kitchen and cooking this way has just become second nature and not a chore.

But here are a few of the products that I would highly recommend investing in:

1. Hand Blender: I use mine to blend soups, cream carrots or other cooked vegis and to make smoothies. For such an un-expensive item I have gotten a lot of use out of mine

2. Yogurt Maker: A main staple on the SCD diet is the home made yogurt. I read all sorts of blogs where people manage to make this with cheese cloth and a pot. I wasn't into that so I invested in a yogurt maker. This has become one of my most well used purchases to date. I make a new batch of yogurt every 1-2 weeks depending on how much I am eating. I use the Yogourmet brand. You can buy one here 

3. Food Processor/ Chopper: I use this at least weekly to grind nuts into pieces, flours, butter.. you name it. I also use this to blend dips and sauces. Pretty much anything that requires more power than my hand blender gets thrown in here. Its fabulous. I currently use the Cuisinart 4 cup Food Processor which you can find here

4. Pastry Blender: This one sounds so simple but I use this pretty much every time I bake something. I prefer this to my electric blender for mixing things with almond flour. I have no idea where mine is from, we've had it forever. You can find these almost anywhere that sells kitchen supplies.

5. Silicone Bakeware: I have acquired a few silicone items. Muffin cups, loaf pan, and a few muffin trays. Of all the ones that I have I definitely use the muffin cups the most. If you were going to invest in any I would suggest these first. It just seems that baked good made with almond flour seem to stick to the paper muffin cups too easily. I don't know why this is, but I tend to prefer my muffins to be paper free when I eat them. But maybe that's just me. Anyways I got mine at Canadian Tire. For those of you in the US I am sure you can find these almost anywhere for relatively cheap. But don't quote me.

Ok I think that is a pretty good start! You should be able to get all of these items for under $200 in total. I know for some of you that may seem like a lot of money but trust me it will be worth it if you plan on eating this way for a while (hopefully forever, but I am a little biased).

Let me know what you think about my suggestions! Does anyone else have any tools that they can't live without?? I would love to hear from you!


  1. Vitamix! ;)

    I swear by the silicone baking cups as well. I have one sitting on my desk from my muffin actually. Paper doesn't work at all for muffins and especially not for egg bites!

    1. I love my magic bullet. Portable green smoothies... yum
      Also my spiralizer- veggie noodles anyone!?

  2. Stacy what kind of Spiralizer to you have??
    And it sounds like a vitamix may have to become part of my future purchases... so tempting!