February 07, 2013

A Day in the Life

Whenever I tell people about how I eat one of the inevitable questions I always get asked is "what do you eat?!?!"
Most people just can't imagine a life without grains so they don' understand when I tell them that it's really not that bad!
So to prove my point I am posting a typical day's menu. Take a look and see what you think!


Squash (usually buttercup or butternut)
1 Sausage
1/2 cooked ground beef
2-3 slices of lactose free cheese (usually cheddar or swiss) 

I usually combine all the above ingredients in a bowl and heat it to let the cheese melt. So good!
This usually keeps me full until lunch time. No carb cravings here! 

Tea with honey (Chi or Earl Grey lately)


Pork burger with cooked mixed vegis topped with Dijon mustard 

Snack (if I have time at work)

Homemade SCD yogurt with cooked berries or a Honey Vanilla Scone 


Curried mango chicken (I'll post this recipe soon I promise) with steamed cauliflower and coconut oil 


Carrot cake muffin with creamy coconut icing
Peppermint tea

Well what do you think? Could you see yourself eating this? If you have any go to meals that you use time and again I would love to hear what they are! 

1 comment:

  1. It's definitely not as difficult as people think. It takes more planning & I don't buy my lunch much, but my coworkers are usually jealous of my bacon and egg breakfasts and leftover lunches.

    One of my go to recipes is paleo aloo gobi (from paleomg.com). It's so easy and delicious and makes enough to last a while. We also make meatballs, burgers, and lettuce wraps a lot. When I'm stuck for idea, I take chicken breasts and throw in garlic powder, onion powder, chipotle powder, and sriracha. Combine it all together and then cook the chicken. I throw it into lettuce wraps, salads, or just eat it like that. Easy!

    Curried mango chicken sounds AWESOME!