February 22, 2013

Tips for Travelling

Hi everyone
Sorry for being MIA for a while. I have been on ICU this month. Enough said
But I am now in San Antonio for a few days for a conference so I am taking advantage of some of my down time between sessions to get in some really important things like shopping, doing some tourist activities and of course blogging!

Now for those of you out there with food restrictions you know how daunting travelling can be! Airports are a nightmare for even trying to find something that may be safe to eat. And then when you do get to your destination trying to find safe restaurants can also be very difficult.

Here are some of the things I have learned over the years while travelling with food restrictions.

1. Stay in a Place with a Kitchen

I cannot emphasize this one enough! Whenever I travel now I either rent apartments through sites like VRBO.com or find hotels that have kitchenettes in them. You would actually be amazed to know that it is often cheaper to rent an apartment then it is to stay in a hotel anyways. By having my own kitchen I am able to make whatever I want, and then I know exactly what is going into the food I eat. Plus it is way cheaper to prepare your own meals than to eat at restaurants anyways. Win win if you ask me!

2. Plan Ahead

Whenever I travel I always scout out the city I will be staying in. Is there a grocery store close to where I am staying? Or a Farmers market? Trader Joes? Whole Foods? Hotels are usually great at recommending restaurants and tourist activities but when it comes to some of the basics like the places listed above I have often found them to be less than helpful. So I rely on good old google and google maps to figure out where I need to go. It really doesn't take a lot of work and I often end up exploring areas that less tourists frequent which can be a nice break.

3. Pack Food

Yep I am that girl whose carry on and sometimes suitcase is filled with food. I usually pack a couple meals to take on the plane (breakfast and lunch) and snacks. Lots of snacks! I have to say that this got much more difficult when the restrictions on liquids were implemented many years ago but I have leaned to adapt. And here is a little secret from me to you. Just don't tell anyone you have fruit in your bag and guess what... NOTHING happens to you! I have been bringing fruit with me on planes for years and have never had an issue. I am probably violating some sort of rule by sharing this with you but I figure border security has much better things to worry about than the banana or apple that I have in my carry on. Just saying.
As for snacks this really depends on what kind of food you tolerate. I usually pack some cheese slices, almond flour scones or muffins. If you tolerate nuts these are great plane snacks, as are dried fruit, plantain chips (wish I could still eat these!), jerkies, sliced vegis, thick skinned fruits... You get the idea...

4. Bring a Water Bottle

Just remember to leave it empty until you get through security! I always carry water with me and I feel much better if I use a washable one rather than relying on disposable water bottles that just end up filling up the landfills. Plus I like to put lemon in my water and lets face it, those disposable water bottle tops just aren't big enough to hold a lemon slice!

5. Bring Tupperware

This one sounds ridiculous I know but I have found that most places, while well stocked with kitchen utensils and cooking needs are often lacking in tupperware! I don't mean for you to go crazy here but I usually throw a couple containers in my bag to store things in once I get to my destination. The same goes for ziploc bags. Throw a handful in your suitcase and trust me you will end up putting them to good use!

Well those are my travelling tips! Do you have any of your own? What are your go to airplane snacks?

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