April 06, 2013

Disturbing Food Facts

So I read an article today that today disgusted me. I will post the link below for you all to read but first I will give you a little background.
Now I have known for a while that our food supply is filled with additives/ ingredients that don't belong in them. A few examples:

1. Vinegar made with corn derivates
2. "Natural ingredients" meaning something made with soy
3. Meat containing antibiotics and hormones
4. Farmed fish fed corn products so that the amount of omega 3 is greatly decreased
5. Produce sprayed with pesticides and grown with genetically modified seeds

You get the idea... and I am sure you can think of many more examples.

Now I have mentioned before that the SCD diet only allows honey as a sweetener so it fits that I tend to use a lot of the stuff. Well this article has totally changed the way I will be buying honey. I will give you the bottom line: The "honey" you are buying in those little teddy bears, or any other bottle for that matter likely isn't honey. It is likely corn syrup from China that has passed through Europe, been re-labelled and then brought over the border to be sold on our shelves.  Now the article focuses on American products so I am not sure if the products we have in Canada have the same problem, but I am not willing to take any risks. I will no longer be purchasing honey that is not locally produced. Period.
It disturbs me so much that the food industry would go out of their way to lie to consumers to make more money. This isn't a case of just mis-labelling a product. The product doesn't actually contain what it says it does. This is unacceptable if you ask me.

Ok rant over. For now...
Does this bother you as much as me?

Apparently the story is the same for olive oil. Again it isn't olive oil that you are buying even though the label says it is. You can read the article explaining the situation here. You can also buy the book behind the article here

Boy these articles make me mad! I hope they upset you too!
What do you think? Are these articles going to change your buying habits?

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