April 01, 2013

Five Favourites

Again I am sorry for not blogging more regularly right now. I just finished my elective at Stanford and I am now in Florida for a well deserved vacation! I will try to post some recipes while I am here but for now you are getting a non-recipe post. Sorry.

So I know we all have our favorite foods. Those items that just make you happy the moment it hits your mouth. I feel like my favorites do change from time to time but there are a few standbys that I just love.

Five Favourites 

1. Tea

Anyone who knows me know that I like tea. A lot. I have at least 3 cups a day. Everyday (well ok sometimes I miss 1 or 2 cups but generally 3 is the rule). My current favorites are Chai Guarana from David's Tea, Earl Grey and Peppermint. Does everyone know David's Tea? I first discovered them when I was in Quebec City this year for a conference. Well let me just say it was a very dangerous discovery for me. But one that makes me a very happy girl indeed!

2. Carrot Cake

If you hadn't guessed this one from my birthday post well now you know. I love carrot cake. Like love. I have for a long long time so when I changed my diet I was determined to make an "Erin friendly" version of this one. I have made a few adjustments over the years but I have found a recipe that I love. I make this whenever there is an occasion that requires a cake that is safe for me to eat. It does require a little work (mostly grating the carrots and apple) but the end result is well worth it if you ask me.

3. Soda Water and Lime

This one probably sounds odd but I love the refreshing taste of lime in soda water. Yum! I pretty much have at least one glass of this everyday. And when I don't I crave it. That's probably a bad sign. But I don't care.

4. Squash

I could live on squash. It wouldn't be healthy but it would be delicious! The only downside... it turns your hands a lovely orange hue. Trust me it's not very attractive. I have had attendings comment on the color of my hands in the past so I have been trying to eat this a little more sparingly. It's hard! My favorites are butternut and buttercup, but really any kind will do. I usually just bake it in the oven but frying squash with onions is super delicious if you haven't tried it! My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

5. Baked apples

This is one thing that I am currently loving! I have been cooking apples with a little cinnamon and adding some butter when they are done. So good! It's like pie... just minus the crust. And let's be honest, sometimes a pie crust just requires too much work! This has been my go to dessert for the last few weeks while I have been away from home on my elective.

Well those are a few of my favourites. What are yours??


  1. David's Tea is THE BEST. I also discovered them in QC, in Montreal when I was living there, and was so excited when I saw them opening stores in Calgary. I might have to try that Chai Guarana.

    I think bacon may be at the top of my list. It's weird because I thought I'd get tired of it when we started paleo, but I think I actually enjoy it more. We eat a terrifying amount. Bacon wrapped dates are deadly too. I can't make them unless people are coming over because I will actually eat an entire package of bacon. (in theory at least...I've never actually done so.)

    I'm also obsessed with lamb. I wish we could buy it more often. It's delicious in any form.

    I just about said salmon and then realized this list was entirely meat. Wow, I'll never be vegan!

    I'm with you on squash. It's so amazing! Lately I've been obsessed with brussels sprouts. And avocados. Oh man, I just love all food. Seriously. Out of control!

    Enjoy your vacation, lady! Let's get together when you are back!

  2. I LOVE David's Tea as well. I am currently hooked on Gogi Pop, over ice. Its like a watermelon/ honey dew combo... YUM.
    I also love cooked mushrooms in everything.

    As for soda water, I too drink it often. I like to have white balsamic vinegar, knob of ginger, and a touch of honey with my soda water. Give it a try! Balsamic vinegar is suppose to have a swack of health benefits, similar to that of apple cider vinegar.


  3. Alanna I will have to try those bacon wrapped dates... you have raved about them so many times now! And I am with you on the meat thing... I think I could eat pork everyday if I had to... I don't eat lamb very often... I might have to re-consider that one!

    Stacy cooked mushrooms are SO good! They go into a lot of dishes at my house too!
    And I will have to try your soda water drink! It sounds very interesting! Have you made it with apple cider vinegar? Balsamic isn't allowed on the SCD so I would have to find a substitute...