May 20, 2013

Sautéed Bacon and Kale with Blackberries (SCD, Paleo, GAPS, Meat)

I actually made this dish the first time a couple weeks ago and then again in Vegas so it was tested on the boyfriend and approved by at least him! But how could something involving both bacon and blackberries not be good? If you disagree with me I don't think we can be friends. Im kidding of course. Kind of...

I am sitting in the airport terminal waiting for my flight back to Calgary. I am not eager to get on that plane let me tell you! I could take a few more 35 degree days in the sun. But I am smuggling back some  Kerrigold butter and grassfed gelatin in my bag so I am a pretty happy girl. Yep that is what I am bringing back from Vegas... butter and gelatin. I sure know how to have fun. Ok there may be a couple pairs of shoes and a dress or two in my bag as well... I can't lie...
But enough of my rambling
Time for a recipe! This is great as a side dish. Or for breakfast. Or as a snack... Basically it's a multipurpose recipe.. if such a thing exists.

Sautéed Bacon and Kale with Blackberries (SCD, Paleo, GAPS) 


1 large head of green kale
1 medium sweet onion 
1 cup blackberries (or 2 small packages) 
1 package of bacon 


1. Place large frying pan or skillet on medium heat
2. Add bacon to pan and cook until desired consistency
3. While bacon is cooking wash your blackberries, kale and chop your onion
4. Once bacon is desired consistency add blackberries and onions to pan
5. Cook until onions are clear
6. Add kale to pan (just tear it off and place right in) and cook for a couple minutes until kale is softened 
7. Enjoy!!

** Note: If you want to try and save some of your bacon fat I would remove it from the pan before adding the onions and blackberries. I just cooked everything in the fat so it is that much more delicious but I know some of you rely on your bacon fat for cooking so I won't judge you if you remove some of it from this recipe. 

Well what do you think of this one? Will you try it? 

I hope everyone is having a good long weekend! 

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