May 10, 2013

Weekly Recipe Wrap-up

So I don't always have time to post my own recipes so I have decided to start a new regular series called Weekly Recipe Wrap-up. What this is is the recipes that I have come across during the week that look just way too tempting not to share. I follow way too many food blogs and am always pinning new recipes so now I will just put that effort to good use by sharing them with you as well!

Weekly Recipe Wrap-up 

Somoa Donuts on PaleoOMG (recipe courtesy of Jenni from the Urban Poser

Now the Enjoy Life chocolate chips used in this recipe are definitely not SCD friendly. Unfortunately chocolate isn't allowed on the diet. However if you tolerate them then go ahead! If I were to make these I would probably try making a chocolate sauce with real cocoa which I seem to do okay with. If I make these I will let you know how it goes! 

Easy Butter Chicken from GI 365

GI 365 is a new blog to me. But I have already added it to my favourite list. Doesn't this chicken dish look delicious! Now I haven't eaten butter chicken in years... but if this comes at all close to the regular dairy filled version then I will be a happy gal! 

Bacon Wrapped Chicken with Stuffed Sweet Potatoes from fresh4five 

This one is for all you bacon lovers out there! It goes to say that if you are paleo you probably eat your fair share of bacon. So why not combine your pork with your chicken? It actually looks really easy to make so I could easily see this one becoming a staple... And if you haven't heard of the fresh4five blog you should check it out. It's a good one. I promise. And we all know I would never lie to you.

Coconut Panna Cotta from DeliciouslyOrganic

This recipe for coconut milk panna cotta comes to you from DeliciouslyOrganic.
This is another blog I highly recommend you check out if you haven't yet! Carrie posts pretty regularly and everything always looks delicious! Not all her recipes are GAPS or SCD friendly so be cautious but for those of you out there that tolerate the full paleo diet then you will appreciate this website!

Ok everyone that is my weekly wrap up for this week! Let me know what you think about these recipes! Would you like to see these posts more often?? Seriously let me know! And if you have any other things you are wondering about that you would like me to talk about just past it on and I will see what I can come up with.

Happy weekend everyone!   

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  1. OMG those donuts have been all over my instagram and I want to make them so badly. You have to let me know if you do because they are EPIC looking. That butter chicken looks fantastic as well. N and I Make bacon wrapped chicken thighs all the time. They are totally a staple. SO delicious! DO IT!