June 16, 2013

A Day in the Life: Run Day

I have recently started trying to run more regularly again. Up until 2 years ago when I started the SCD diet I was running on a pretty regular basis, and had run two half marathons with reasonable results. However, as you can imagine, running when your bowels are not happy is not an easy feat so for the last two years I have been focusing on healing and other forms of exercise. Well one of my goals for this year is to run another half marathon so a couple weeks ago I started running again! I have to say I am pretty excited about this. One thing I quickly realized is that my typical daily diet was way too low in carbs. I was hitting the wall really early in all of my runs and it was really frustrating! So I have started altering my diet a bit to accommodate more carbs, especially on running days.

Here is a typical running day diet. See what you think!


1 over-ripe banana
1/3 cup SCD yogurt
1/3 cup pumpkin/ sweet potato/ squash
1/3 cup cooked mixed berries (if you tolerate raw go right ahead and use fresh berries!)
3-4 TBSP coconut milk 
1 tbsp grass fed gelatin 
sprinkle of cinnamon

I stick all the ingredients in my immersion blender cup and just blend away. Easy and delicious! 

1 cup organic coffee with coconut milk and grassfed butter (I don't measure this usually) 

Post-Run Snack/ Lunch

3/4 cup sweet potato 
2 pork sausages 
1 TBSP coconut oil

Water with freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1tsp L-glutamine powder 

Afternoon Snack

Cooked apple slices with cinnamon topped with cashew coconut butter (homemade)


Grassfed steak
Cooked mushrooms and asparagus
Topped with walnut oil (1 TBSP) 

Nighttime Snack

Peppermint tea
Chocolate raspberry cookie (I will post this recipe soon I promise!)

That's it. A typical running day set of meals. 
What do you think? Would this work for you on running days?? What do you eat when you run?
I hope everyone had a good weekend :) 

June 09, 2013

My Staple Supplements

A few years ago I was very "anti-supplement". What do I mean by this? It means that I avoided supplements thinking that I should be able to get whatever nutrients, vitamins or minerals from my diet and my diet alone. Now as much as I love this theory I have changed my mind over the years. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Unfortunately the soil that our food is grown in just isn't the same as it used to be. Most has been leached, treated with various chemicals and processed time and time again. This means that it just doesn't contain the same nutrients that it used to. So our food therefore doesn't obtain the same nutrient density that it used to.

2. Some things you just can't get enough of in your diet. Some examples: enough vitamin D, certain probiotic strains, high potency omega 3's, digestive enzymes (if you need them).

3. Certain conditions can alter the way your body handles and digests food ie. leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth, candida overgrowth, IBD etc. Until these conditions are under control your body will need a little support in terms of combating inflammation, digesting food and absorbing vitamins and minerals.

Here the list of supplements that I am currently using and would highly recommend!

1. Vitamin D

Yes I know you have probably heard this before but we all need vitamin D. And most of us live in places where we just can't get enough from the sun, even if we are spending a lot of time outside. At certain latitudes the sun just isn't strong enough, sometimes all year round. That is why I rely on my vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is a hot topic in the medical field right now and its deficiency has been linked to many things including multiple sclerosis, asthma, celiac disease... the list goes on.
I personally take 20 000 IU per week. And yes I know you are thinking that sounds like a lot. But I have had my levels checked and this seems to be the dose I need. I would recommend starting at 2000-3000 IU per day and then having your level checked in 1-2 months to see where you are at. Some docs will hesitate to check your vitamin D level, but if you say you are supplementing and want to ensure that your level is in the normal range it shouldn't be a problem.
You can get vitamin D in either capsules or liquid form. Either is fine, just make sure it is vitamin D3 you are getting. And if you are on the SCD diet make sure you are getting a supplement that doesn't contain any illegal ingredients! You should take your vitamin D with food since it is a fat soluble vitamin and will be better absorbed this way.

2. Fish Oil

If you know anything about the fish we eat these days you know that it is much lower in omega 3's  and higher in omega 6's than it once was based on what fish are fed. I always suggest you get fresh and not farmed fish as this will naturally increase the content of omega 3's in the fish. However, unless you are eating fish on a daily basis, it is hard to get an equal ratio of omega 3 and 6's in your diet. For that reason I rely on fish oil. I currently take cod liver oil. Yes it tastes a little fishy, but it is a pure source of omega 3's that I can trust. I would recommend 1tsp per day, taken with food. Omega 3's are a great anti-inflammatory that is especially important if you have a leaky gut or any type of inflammatory disease.

3. Digestive Enzymes

If you don't have digestive issues I wouldn't worry about these but since adding enzymes a couple years ago my bowels are much much happier. I take one with every meal, and depending on the size of my snacks I will take one with them as well. There are many brands out there but finding one that is SCD legal can be tricky. I use Future Formulations Digestive Enzymes. The best deal I have found in Calgary is at Community Health Foods.

4. MSM Powder 

Now I actually just added this into my regimen a couple weeks ago. Before then I had never heard of this supplement. What it is powdered sulphur. I know it sounds bizarre and let me warn you it tastes terrible! But around the internet you can find a ton of IBD and SCD forums talking about this powder and how much it helped their symptoms. It helps decrease inflammation and repair intestinal tissue. I still need to do a little more research to see if there have been any randomized control trials looking at this supplement. If I find anything I will get back to you! I am currently taking 1/4 tsp twice a day with meals. It does seem to be helping so far and I haven't noticed any side effects.

Ok everyone those are my staple supplements. I have others that I add in from time to time that I will post about in the future. But I figure that is enough information for one post.
What supplements do you take? Will you be adding any of these into your regimen?

As always I would love to hear from you! I hope you are having a good weekend!

June 02, 2013

Weekly Recipe Wrap-up

How is everyone?? Good I hope! Things have been a little crazy around here... I am in the middle of a 20 day work stretch so there hasn't been a lot of time for blogging. Sorry! So for that reason you are getting another Weekly Recipe Wrap Up. I do have some recipes ready to post so hopefully I can get that done soon...ish.

So I hate the rain. It doesn't rain very often here in Calgary but for some reason this spring it looks a lot like Vancouver here. It's wet. I don't like it. At. All. Those of you from Vancouver know what I mean.

Ok I know you don't come here to here me complain about the weather... so I will move right on to the recipes I collected this week. I can't wait to try some of these!

1. Lemon Pound Cake with Honey Glaze from Civilized Caveman 

I really like lemony desserts. It's a fact. This cake just looks delicious to me! It almost looks too pretty to eat (I said almost). It comes from one very popular paleo blog, The Civilized Caveman. If you make this one let me know how it turns out!

2. Tex Mex Braised Lamb Ribs from Slim Palate 

Now we don't eat a lot of lamb in my house. But looking at these ribs I think I need to find myself a local lamb producer! Does anyone know any in the Calgary area? And I must add that this recipe comes from the blog SlimPalate which is run by a 16 year old! How impressive is that? I can tell you that the last thing I was thinking about was "real" food at that age.

Healthy Fruit Snacks from ThankYourBody

I think these are a great idea! Traditional fruit snacks are loaded with ingredients that you can't pronounce and therefore don't belong in your body! These are actually really simple to make. I am planning on making a variation that uses coconut water, honey and lemon to use instead of running gels (I will let you know how that goes).

Poached Salmon with Coconut Cream Reduction from the Urban Poser (on the US Wellness Meats Blog) 

This last recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs. The Urban Poser. This girl is a genius in the kitchen, and with her camera! Such pretty food pictures. Anyone that knows me knows that I love salmon. A lot. I will be trying this recipe in the near future for sure!

Ok everyone that is all for now. It's back to the hospital for me (and out into the rain). Boo.
I hope that everyone else is having a good weekend!
And a special shout out to my friend Jes who celebrated her birthday this weekend!