August 18, 2013

Weekly Recipe Wrap-up

Hi everyone!
Miss me? Probably not, but regardless it has been a while. And although I have been too busy to bring you my own recipes I have still been pinning food from around the internet. Some of these just look too good not to share!

1. Paleo Chili Ribs from Paleoaholic 

Now it is no secret that I love ribs! Although I am not very good at making them myself. My mom makes delicious ribs, and whenever I can I request them for "special occasions." Now these ribs from Paleoaholic look just delicious. And they are made in a crock pot which means they are low maintenance! These are SCD, paleo and GAPS legal so eat up!

2. Paleo Beef Brisket Stew with Dates from The Saffron Girl 

I seem to be on a meat kick this week with the recipes. But doesn't this look amazing? Beef briskets can be a bit tricky to deal with but his recipe sounds fairly simple to make. And it incorporates bone broth! Double win in my books. 

3. The Raw Brownie from My New Roots

Now you know I couldn't give you a post without some delicious looking desserts. Doesn't that brownie look good? Really chocolate anything is good in my books. This brownie comes from the blog My New Roots. Not only does she come up with great recipes but beautiful photos of her food as well. If you haven't been to this blog yet I suggest you take a look through the archives. You won't be disappointed!

4. Masala Cauli-Fried Rice from The Urban Poser

Now I have raved about this blog before. But The Urban Poser is a great place to find paleo, SCD and GAPS friendly recipes. I am sure many of you make califlower rice already but this looks like a great variation to add to your recipe collection. So many great flavours combined into one dish. Yum! 

5. Vanilla Bean and Blackberry Ice Cream on Against All Grain 

Ice cream! Yum! I used to eat a lot of ice cream back before I gave up dairy, refined sugar and processed ingredients. There are so many great looking ice cream recipes out there that use coconut milk, but most of them also require eggs and an ice cream maker. This recipe doesn't require either! And it looks and sounds delicious! I can't wait to try this one. 

Alright everyone I think that is enough deliciousness for one blog post. Let me know if you make any of these and how they turn out! I am roasting a chicken and some spaghetti squash as we speak and the smells are making me hungry! 
I hope everyone had a good weekend! 

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  1. Those ribs are gonna happen. ASAP. I love slow cooker recipes.