October 02, 2014

Overnight Paleo Pear "Oatmeal" (Grain Free, SCD, GAPS, AIP, Whole 30)

It's pear season! As much as I am not a fall lover, I am a huge fan of pears. And apples. And squash. Ok let's just say I like the food that is around this time of year. We just won't talk about the weather that goes along with it.

My Pinterest account has been full of slow cooker oatmeal recipes lately, and they all looked so delicious that I decided it was time I came up with a paleo friendly, grain free version. Why should those grain eating folks have all the fun? This recipe was the result of that mission and I have to say I am pretty pleased with the outcome. And since this one is made in the slow cooker, it is super easy. In my opinion that is what makes a great recipe. Easy and delicious. If only every recipe could be that way!

This will mark the fourth grain free "oatmeal" recipe on the blog. My original Creamy Paleo Oatmeal  is actually the most popular recipe on my blog so I figured I should give you guys more of what you like. Have you tried that version yet? I am pretty confident in telling you it is a good one. You can find the recipe here.  You can also find the other three oatmeal recipes in the Breakfast section. And let me just tell you that one of them involves chocolate. Yep it's like having dessert for breakfast. And if you ask me, sometimes that is just necessary.

As you can see by the photos of this recipe, I have been experimenting with different lighting and backgrounds lately. Can you guess what was used for this background? A chalkboard! And let me tell you it was not an easy item to find. I would never have guessed. Back in my elementary school days chalkboards were everywhere. Now the school supply stores don't even sell them! Apparently they are a dyeing breed. It's kind of sad really. Soon kids won't even know what chalkboards are. Kind of like Walkmans, or VHS tapes… Oh the good old days. I am sure there are a few of my readers who don't even know what those things are. I will leave you to google them if you are curious. I had an amazing pink Walkman growing up with matching pink headphones. I used it to listen to my Shania Twain tape non-stop, probably while wearing my neon coloured fanny-pack. Yep I was that cool. Am I bringing back memories for anyone else?

In more serious news… Did you hear that the first case of Ebola has been confirmed in the U.S? A patient is being treated in Texas after recently contracting the virus in Liberia. I knew it was only a matter of time before this happened, but it still doesn't make it any less scary. So far we haven't had any confirmed cases in Canada, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before we do. With worldwide travel the way it is these days it is only inevitable that outbreaks will spread. There has never been an Ebola outbreak this severe before and health authorities still admit that they do not have good control on the spread of the virus. It is a scary time my friends.
Are you worried about the Ebola outbreak?

Alright everyone I know you are just eager to get to the recipe so I will leave it at that. I would love to hear what you think of this recipe if you try it. And as always I would be thrilled if you followed me on PinterestInstagram and Facebook! I am constantly posting other recipes and health related information on my social medial pages so I would't want you to miss out on anything. 


6 ripe pears, de-seeded and chopped (I kept the skin on)
1 can full fat organic coconut milk (I recommend this brand because it is BPA free) 
2/3 cup coconut butter (buy here
1 TBSP organic vanilla extract (Omit for Whole 30 and AIP)
3 cups finely shredded coconut (I use this brand
sprinkle sea salt


1. Turn your slow cooker onto low heat
2. Add all the ingredients to the slow cooker
3. Cook for 7-8 hours (or overnight)
4. Serve and enjoy!

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  1. This sounds wonderful! How many serving does this recipe make?

    1. Thanks Cathy! I tend not to put strict serving sizes down on my recipes as I find they vary from person to person. This makes a rather large batch of oatmeal so I would say anywhere between 4-8 servings depending on how much you eat at a time. I hope that helps!

  2. Any replacement for the coconut butter?

    1. Maybe try cashew or almond butter? I haven't tried it myself though so no guarantees