August 10, 2015

Paleo Mint Recipe Wrap-up

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was great!

On Saturday it was one of my best friend's bachelorette party and we went to a local cooking store and took a group cooking class, complete with unlimited wine, 80's music and a five course meal which we prepared entirely ourselves. It was amazing! And I got to see some friends that I hadn't seen in a very long time. That is my kind of bachelorette party. None of the typical bar-starring, game playing drunken shenanigans that are usually involved. Not that that can't be fun once in a while, but my old lady tendencies much prefer the more intimate type of event that we had. Plus the food was amazing!

Otherwise I managed to fit in a spin class, a little homework and some quality time in the sun. Since I leave for Mexico in 4 days (eek!) I am working hard on getting a good base tan so I am fully prepared for the sunshine. I know, priorities. I wouldn't want to ruin my vacation with a bad sun burn. Not if I can help it anyways.

Alright, enough about me and my weekend, let's get to the good stuff... like the recipes that you came here for!

Mint is officially the theme of the day. Does that make you happy? I sure hope so because I have collected an amazing bunch of paleo mint recipes for you. 45 of them to be exact. Yep I am pretty confident you will find at least one thing in here you will like. Actually I guarantee it.

I for one love mint flavoured food. Mint chocolate, mint tea, mint sauce... you name it, I love it. But I realized the other day that I don't have that many mint recipes of my own on the blog. Oops! That will need to be remedied soon. I have already started working on some delicious mint themed recipes for you. But in the mean time, I polled my paleo blogger friends for their best mint themed recipes and this collection is the end result. In this collection you will find desserts, drinks, main dishes, side dishes, sauces and dips. In other words, something for everyone!

So let's not waste any more time with my boring chatter. I will let you get to the recipes. I would love to know if you try any of these, and what you think!

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Until next time, happy eating! 


Paleo Chocolate Mint Tarts from A Girl Worth Saving

Paleo Peppermint Matcha Bark from Greens of the Stone Age

Paleo Peppermint Bark from A Girl Worth Saving

Paleo Chocolate Mint Pudding from Beauty and the Foodie

Keto Mint Chip Pudding from A Girl Worth Saving

Peppermint Chocolate Macaroons from Against All Grain

Sugar Free Matcha Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream from Greens of the Stone Age

Mint Chocolate Popsicles from Plaid and Paleo

Paleo Autoimmune Mint Chip Ice Cream from A Girl Worth Saving

Vegan Mint Ice Cream from How We Flourish

Peppermint Chocolate Sticks from Living Healthy with Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Whoopee Pies from A Girl Worth Saving

Chocolate Mint Strawberries from Paleo Gone Sassy


Peppermint White Hot Chocolate from Delicious Obsessions

Watermelon Mojito from Health Starts in the Kitchen

Thin Mint Breakfast Smoothie from Nummy for my Tummy 

Mint Chocolate Frappe from Plaid and Paleo

Rosemary Mint Soda from Slim Palate

Peppermint White Hot Chocolate from A Girl Worth Saving

Watermelon Mint Lemonade from Against All Grain

Peppermint Mocha Latte from Nummy for my Tummy

Lavenade Mojito from Anya's Eats

Strawberry Mango Mint Tea from Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers

Strawberry Mint Limeade Spritzer from Slim Palate

Peppermint Mocha from A Girl Worth Saving

Sunrise Fuel from Paleo Gone Sassy

Simple Mint Tea from Paleo Magazine

Main and Side Dishes

Roasted Root Vegetables with Mint Maple Vinaigrette from Pure and Simple Nourishment

Greek Olive Pie from Grok Grub

Jalapeno Pesto Minty Rack of Lamb from Cavegirl Cuisine

Ground Lamb with Pine Nuts and Mint from Against All Grain

Mint and Lemon Grilled Lamb Chops from Gutsy by Nature

Pan Seared Lamb Loin Chops with Arugula Mint Pesto from PaleoOMG

Watermelon Mint Salad from Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers

Sweet Potato Skillet from Paleo Gone Sassy

Refreshing Mint Cucumber Melon Soup from Paleo Magazine

Sauces and Dips

Mint Guacamole from Nummy for my Tummy

Mint Maple Vinaigrette from Pure and Simple Nourishment

Paleo Mint Tahini Dressing from Raindrops Wellness

Creamy Stinging Nettles Dip with Roasted Garlic and Mint from And Here We Are

Persian Cucumber Mint Yogurt from Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers 

Homemade Mint Extract from Health Starts in the Kitchen

Peppermint Syrup from A Girl Worth Saving

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  1. Those Paleo Chocolate Mint Tarts look almost too good!

    1. I know don't they look incredible?!?! I need to try them for sure