January 25, 2016

Dairy Free Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream (Paleo, Egg Free, GAPS, No Sugar)

Do I have a treat for you guys today or what? Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream! And what's even better? It's dairy free. Yes even though you don't tolerate dairy doesn't mean you have to miss out on ice cream. Because ice cream is just too yummy to not get to eat. At least in my opinion. I remember back in the days when I was still swimming competitively, coming home and eating a bowl of ice cream as an afternoon snack after school. Mint Chocolate Chip used to be my flavour of choice. When I think of all the corn syrup, refined sugars and processed ingredients that was in that ice cream it makes me cringe! My poor taste buds had no idea what real food was. I always wonder how much better I might have swam had I been feeding my body differently back then... Hindsight is always 20/20 isn't it? 

So what else is great about this ice cream? It doesn't require an ice cream maker for one (I still have yet to invest in one), it doesn't have any added sweeteners, and is also egg and nut free. How does it have no added sweeteners do you ask? It's naturally sweetened from bananas and coconut butter that's how. So no, this is not super sweet like most modern day store bought ice creams, but has just the right amount of chocolatey sweetness to satisfy your after-dinner sweet tooth.

But before I let you get to the recipe I better give you an update on my week. Because I know the real  reason you come here is to hear all about me (joking guys). My week was pretty busy I must admit. I am madly working on a research paper that is due in February, so that's taking up a lot of my time right now. Soon you will be able to ask me anything you want about lupus epidemiology, costs and socioeconomic disparities (because clearly you are interested). But I still managed to fit in a couple spin classes this week and I am actually writing this post from the Toronto airport. I was in Toronto for 48 hours for a rheumatology review course. Think 9 hour days in lecture followed by a practice exam. Sounds fun doesn't it? Yep, living the residency dream folks! It's not all bad though, I also made it to a new lounge in Calgary called PRLR this week. Think old fashioned drinks, moody decor and fun music. I will definitely be going back! 

Okay but enough about me. I will let you get to the recipe that you are eagerly waiting for. I would love to hear what you think of this one! And as always I would be thrilled if you followed my social media pages on  Instagram, FacebookPinterest and  Twitter.

Dairy Free Chocolate Mocha Ice Cream Recipe (Paleo, Egg Free, GAPS)


1 cup brewed coffee (ideally organic and fair trade) 
2 ripe bananas, broken into pieces
2/3 cup melted coconut butter (or coconut manna or concentrate
pinch sea salt

1/3 cup cacao powder
1 TBSP grassfed gelatin (buy here or here)


1. Place a medium sized pot on the stove on low heat
2. Place the first 6 ingredients into the pot and heat until melted
3. Stir to combine, breaking apart the banana pieces
4. Add in the cacao powder and stir well until dissolved
5. Optional: If you still have too many banana chunks, use your immersion blender to blend
6. Stir in the gelatin until dissolved
7. Transfer to a glass or ceramic bowl
8. Place in the fridge and let cool for 3-4 hours
9. Serve and enjoy!

NOTE: This ice cream stores well in the fridge for at least one week 

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  1. Wow- this ice cream looks amazing!! So chocolatey and delicious! I love that it's only sweetened with bananas and doesn't require an ice cream maker. I don't have one either :) I need to make this soon!

    1. Thanks Jessica! I would love to hear what you think when you try it :)

  2. This ice cream looks incredible! Love that you don't need an ice cream maker!

    1. Thanks so much athletic avocado (love your name by the way- avocados are my favorite!)

    2. Your links are American and most of the time don't shup to Canada and with the low dollars can you recommend Canadian websites? Thanks!😊

    3. Hey Tina

      A few places I buy from include Amazon.ca, vitacost.com and then my local natural health food stores. Hope that helps!

  3. Awesome! Thank you 😊

  4. Awesome! Thank you 😊

  5. This looks so decadent and rich! Love that it is only sweetened with bananas, too! Yum!

    1. Thank you! For those times when you are trying to avoid the added sugars this can be a saviour!