February 15, 2016

20+ Delicious Liver Recipes (Paleo, GAPS, SCD, AIP)

Since it was just Valentine's Day I figured that today we should talk about something really sexy. Liver.

Okay so not sexy at all. In fact, some would say down right disgusting. Trust me I know. I remember the first time I opened a package of beef liver to cook. That slimy texture, dark color and metallic smell completely turned me off. I had no idea what to do with the thing. All I knew was that it was good for me so I should eat it. The same goes for many things right? But organ meets, like liver, are actually pretty special. Unfortunately, many North Americans choose not to eat it (and until not too long ago I was with you).

Liver (and other organ meats) have been prized by many native cultures for thousands of years because of their numerous health benefits, and rich source of vitamins and minerals. In fact, many cultures ate only the organ meats from animals and discarded the other meats or fed them to other animals (it's crazy how much things have changed isn't it?).

In terms of health benefits, liver is a great source of vitamin A, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), folate, vitamin B12, vitamin B3 (niacin), and vitamin B5. It may surprise many of you to learn that liver is also very high in the omega-3 DHA, which is extremely important to human health, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, counteracting the effects of omega-6. Liver is also very high in many minerals including selenium, iron, copper, phosphorus and zinc. One of the main reasons I decided to start eating liver was because of its high iron content. I have been iron deficient off and on for years, and as someone who truly believes that food can be a form of medicine, I wanted to find a way to increase my iron levels without having to rely on iron supplements. Hence my liver mission. Besides learning how to cook with liver I also relied on grassfed desiccated liver (which can be found here).

Now, like all meats, quality is extremely important. I highly recommend buying liver from animals that are pasture and ethically raised without hormones, antibiotics or commercial feed. Pasture-raised animal meats are much higher in nutrients than commercially raised animals. You can purchase ethically raised meats from US Wellness. You can also use the website Eat Wild to find local sources in your area or contact your local Weston A Price Foundation Chapter.

So, on my mission to make liver sexy I have collected 22 delicious liver recipes for you to choose from. I swear you would never know you were eating liver with most of these. Yes, they are that good! Don't believe me? Try just one. I dare you. Your body will thank you.

Until next time, happy eating friends!

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22 Delicious Liver Recipes


  1. It's always tough to get more liver into my diet, so this is a great help! And thanks for including some of my recipes :)

  2. It's always tough to get more liver into my diet, so this is a great help! And thanks for including some of my recipes :)

  3. Liver often gets a bad rep but when cooked well, it's actually delicious! I look forward to checking these recipes out. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)