May 10, 2014

Weekly Recipe Wrap-up

Happy Weekend everyone! This week went by rather quickly I have to admit. Being on call for ICU every second day can have that effect. But I am off for the weekend which is pretty nice. I don't really have a lot planned… catch up on sleep, cook, study… yep I sure do know how to have fun!
It will just be nice to be away from the hospital for a little bit. Especially ICU. I know some people thrive in the ICU type environment but it is just not for me. I am not an adrenaline junkie and running codes, putting lines into patients and dealing with ventilators is not my idea of fun medicine. Good thing I am going into rheumatology…

What do you have planned for your weekend? Anything fun? Any good recipes you are planning to cook?

I have collected some delicious looking recipes for this weeks recipe wrap-up. I hope you like them!
As always simply click on the recipe title to be taken to the actual recipe.

Enjoy everyone!

DISCLAIMER: The recipes in this post are not my own. Please click on the recipe title to be taken to the original source and creator.

1. Thai Pork and Veggie Meatballs from Paleomg 

2. Homemade Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream from GI365

3. Moroccan Style Cauliflower Rice from The Healthy Foodie 

4. Crockpot Mexican Meatballs from Rubies and Radishes 

5. Raw Chocolate Cream Cakes from Purely Twins 

6. Easy No-Mato Sauce from The Primitive Homemaker 

7. Paleo Cranberry Orange Scones from Cook Eat Paleo 

8. Shami Kebab from My Heart Beets 

Have a good weekend everyone! As always feel free to contact me with feedback, questions or comments. I love hearing from you!

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