February 02, 2015

Vegetable Packed Pork Chili (Paleo, SCD, GAPS)

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend as always!

As I am sure you know yesterday was Super Bowl Sunday. The day of good football, delicious food and amazing commercials. It always amazes me how much money companies shell out in order to pay for a Super Bowl commercial spot. $4.5 million for a 30 second advertisement this year to be exact. Crazy. Just Crazy. I guess if you are spending that much money you better make sure you are showing a good commercial. Although I guess for some of those corporations $4.5 million is just a drop in the bucket. Again, crazy. Unfortunately, being a Canadian we don't get to see most of the American commercials at the time of the game. We must rely on YouTube or other such means to catch up after everyone else has already seen them. It's tragic I know. So I am looking for suggestions. Which were your favourite commercials?

Since I am assuming most of you watched the game, were you happy that New England won? Again? And more importantly, did you like the half time show? (Yes I have priorities). To be honest I am not that much of a Katy Perry fan but I did really like her performance. And all those special effects were pretty crazy. I can only imagine how much time that took to put together. I was also very impressed by all her speedy outfit changes. I honestly don't know how that was possible. Katy Perry you do amaze me. Plus the guest appearance by Missy Elliot totally took me back to my junior high school dance days. Such good memories! Missy Elliot and TLC. Those were the good old days…

And in honour of Super Bowl style foods and potlucks I decided to put together this chili. Because nothing says football quite like a good chilli right? No? Just me? 

For me chilli is one of those all time comfort foods. I grew up eating chili on a regular basis and it's one of those foods that I actually miss since being on a paleo diet. Now you purists may say that I shouldn't be calling this chill since there are no beans involved. Well you are right, there aren't. But since beans are not allowed on the paleo diet I had to make some modifications. And I am pretty pleased with how this one turned out. It's loaded with vegetables and just the right amount of spice. Plus there is a little bit of cacao powder for a hint of sweetness. Sweet and spicy all at the same time. Oh yum!
I like topping mine with a little bit of raw mozzarella cheese. When it melts into the chill… oh man that's good! I have also added guacamole, raw parmesan cheese and nut butter and they all taste delicious. What do you add to your chili?

I would love to hear what you think of this one. And if you have any questions or comments I promise I will get back to you. And as always I would be thrilled if you visited me on PinterestInstagram or Facebook!

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Happy eating everyone! 


2 TBSP bacon fat or other fat of choice
2 lbs ground free range pork

7 medium sized tomatoes, diced (about 4 heaping cups worth)
2 TBSP minced chives or one small onion diced (many people don't tolerate onions so use which is best for you)
2 tsp hot chili powder (I used this brand) - Feel free to add more or less depending on how spicy you like things)
1 TBSP organic cacao powder - OMIT for SCD
1 tsp ground organic cumin
1 tsp organic oregano (buy here
1 tsp ground organic coriander (I used this kind
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/4 tsp ground organic allspice (I love this brand)

2 orange bell peppers, diced
2 yellow bell peppers, diced
2 cups chopped green beans (can be frozen or fresh)
1/2 cup full fat organic coconut milk (this brand is BPA free)


1. Turn your electric frying pan to 250F
2. Add the bacon fat and ground pork and cook until browned, stirring occasionally to break the meat apart
3. Add the diced tomatoes and spices and cook until the tomatoes start to break apart
4. Add the bell peppers and cook for another 5 or so minutes
5. Add the green beans and coconut milk and cook for another 10-20 minutes (until the vegetables are the texture you desire). 
6. Remove from heat, serve and enjoy!

** TIP: Did you accidentally make your chili too hot? Add a bit of lemon juice. I know it sounds crazy but it works!

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  1. You didn't miss too much by not seeing the commericals. Most of them made me cry! Sappy sappy. haha. But this chili recipe doesn't want to make me cry. I am excited to try it!

    1. Michele that's so sad about the commercials! usually there are some really funny ones. Oh well I guess I didn't miss anything then :)

  2. Whoops, trying to share from the icons at the bottom but they all turn into Pinterest each time!

    1. Oh thanks for catching that Rachel! I will have to get that fixed

  3. I miss chili too! I love my mom's recipe, so maybe I'll just make it without the beans & add some extra vegetables. Her secret ingredient was always a sweet addition too. I think it balances the tomatoes (I find cinnamon does that too!)

    Definitely going to try this when it cools down again. It seems like a nice weekday meal. I've been really lazy with meal planning lately. Oops!