November 11, 2016

Weekly Workout Challenge November 11, 2016

Hey friends! I am back for week two of my new instalment of the Weekly Workout Challenge. Did you try the first one? Did you even see it? If not you can find that post here. Maybe you could even do both challenges this week if you missed last week? I promise they are both really fun. In a can't catch your breath, leave you a sweaty mess kind of way...

So I can't ignore the elephant in the room: The American election.

It happened. And I'm horrified with the result. As an educated, female who values equality and hard work, the results of this election astound me. I'm sorry my American friends but you guys have let the world down with this one. How a man whose claim to fame is not paying his taxes and being the star of a reality television show came to be the president of the United States completely baffles me. Completely. Especially with his racist and sexist beliefs and total disregard for human equality. I for one am scared for what this will mean for America and the rest of the world. My heart is reaching out to you friends. Now more than ever is the time to focus on spreading love.

But, life goes on, and what better way to relieve some of that election stress than with a great workout? Plus this one is super short. And still super sweaty. This took me less than 5 minutes to do. Yes friends that's right. Although I do always recommend warming up and cooling down with every workout you do, but this will still take you less than 30 minutes to get a full, hard workout in. So there are no excuses not to get your sweat on! Since we all know that lack of time is the number one excuse for not working out. Sorry friends, you can't use that one here!

Please post your times in the comments. And again, the idea is not to see who is the fittest here, but to inspire others to start on a fitness journey of their own and improve their own health. Positive vibes only please!

Have an amazing weekend friends!

Equipment Needed: 

Running shoes
Stop watch/timer


For time:
15 tuck jump burpees
15 squats
12 tuck jump burpees
12 squats
9 tuck jump burpees 
9 squats
6 tuck jump burpees
6 squats
3 tuck jump burpees
3 squats

My time: 4:16 

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  2. Erin, I am sorry you are horrified by the election result, but I think you have been misinformed. Mr. Trump paid all his taxes...he took the legally allowed deductions that all other taxpayers take. While I can't disagree that he is sexist, he is absolutely not racist. I am afraid you bought the propaganda put out by the biased media. Try to observe him with an open mind and I think you will feel better about his election.