November 25, 2016

Weekly Workout Challenge: November 25, 2016

It's that day again. The weekly workout challenge day! In other words one of my favourite days of the week. I also realize that it is Black Friday. Or what is also known as the crazy American shopping day. Can you believe people get killed on this day in the states? Seriously, lives are lost during this day from people going berserk for certain deals. It boggles my mind. I am really hoping for a peaceful Black Friday this year. Let's spread some love today shall we? No deal is worth losing a life over. Period.

Unfortunate I am nursing a bit of a back injury right now so I am trying to stay away from certain exercises that I know make it worse (like burpees). So today's workout is free from weights and relies solely on your body weight for the challenge. And trust me, it will still make you sweat (or at least I hope it does).

This workout can also be used as a travel workout because you can do it anywhere, even in your hotel room. So maybe write this one down and keep it for those upcoming holiday trips that I know many of you are taking. Because the holidays are not the time to stop working out. In fact, the average North American gains between 2 and 10 pounds every year during the holiday season. That is a horrifying statistic, especially because the majority of people never lose that weight again. If you do the math you will quickly see that after even just a couple years that is a lot of extra pounds. And I don't want to see you end up in my clinic because of it!

Jumping squats are one of my favourite exercises to get the heart pumping quickly. Plus they are great for strengthening your legs and butt. Because let's be honest, the only reason you work out is to get a tighter bootie correct? (Jokes friends, jokes...).

And always remember to warm up and cool down. Feel free to make this your entire workout or to add some extra things on afterwards that you want to work on. For me that was handstands and pull-ups. Damn those pull-ups. One of my worst nightmares! Why are they so hard? It's something about that scapula activation that my body just doesn't love to do...

Anyways I won't keep you any longer. It's time to get sweaty!

Weekly Workout Challenge: November 25, 2016

Equipment Needed

Running shoes
Workout clothing 
A mat or carpet


Every minute on the minute do:
10 jumping squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups

x 15 rounds

The goal is to get 15-20 seconds rest with each round, so make your adjustments accordingly.

Optional modifications:
1. Do less repetitions of each exercise,
2. Do knee push ups or do strict/regular squats.

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